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pasquale viglione photography

Process in Blue


Process in Blue is the start of a project that began towards the end of my masters. Its aim is to bring the process of the darkroom to the viewer, focusing on repetition and subtly mounting changes.

Its main inspiration is from test strips; small pieces of photographic paper that are used to test exposure, among other things, in preparation to produce a final print. These test stips are almost always discarded as waste.

The works link to the use of waste goes past test strips. The frame it hangs in is one that was repurposed from another piece. The original frame was resized and built to suit for this work. Also the negative used is one that was deemed unusable initially due to a light leak from the 4x5 film older it was taken in.

The work currently hangs in the Professor Stuart Hall Building, Goldsmiths, University of London.   

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