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In Herbicide I aimed to produce a work of contrast, representing nature and its destruction.


I have done this through both the imagery used and materials from which the piece is made from. The subject of an old tree was decided on for its clear link to nature and its important relation to time. In the darkroom the tree was isolated from its background to remove distraction and add focus to the subject. The fade of the trunk is representative of the slow decline of the natural environment. The use of harsh chemicals to tone the image, as well as the pieces naming, brings forth the often-unseen chemical contamination of our wider environment. This specific combination of toners was chosen for its subdued blues, which I feel are more easily paralleled to unnatural chemicals, whilst bringing the hue of blue away from looking like a cyanotype.


The materials used to frame the image were selected for their responsible and sustainable sourcing. All the materials used are certified by The Forest Stewardship Council or a similar body. Finding it difficult to produce a frame with these specifications I sourced the materials directly from suppliers and built the frame myself. All these factors where designed to ask the viewer to consider how we ourselves might better interact with our natural environment for the sake of its future preservation.

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